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this is me.

some of the things which make me happy

my love.

This is me. And that’s my partner in crime, Robert, an amazing photographer in his own right. He usually gets his arm twisted into joining me into adventures and mischief – typically travelling around the world, while photographing weddings, star trails, time-lapses, steel wool and fire spinning, city architecture and mountain scapes; urbexing; trying amazing new foods; or just exploring new places and cultures together.

my likes.

Happy people! How can anyone not get excited by happy people?! Hanging out with them gives me the warm fuzzies.

Furry creatures! I miss my obscenely spoiled cats, who still live in Montreal with my folks.

Food!!! Just give me yummy, awesome food!! Even better if it’s doused in hot sauce. I’ll love you forever.

Bright colours! I love to mix & match my outfits. Friends are still debating whether I get dressed in the dark. That yellow, green, purple and red goofball walking around is probably me. I like 50s styles, brogues, tweed, stripes, and polka dots.

I don’t understand how any of my neighbours haven’t moved out since I started learning to play the accordion. They must be deaf by now.

I’m a terrible dork. My heroes are Andrew Zimmern, Dave Gorman, Weird Al, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert. I will talk to no end about all sorts of science, tech, and geeky stuff. And classic Star Wars.

I enjoy snow, skiing, classic British comedy, and home renovations (I even enjoy redoing the plumbing and laying flooring).

If I could pick only one place to spend my life in, it would be Wellington, NZ.

my random skills.

If all else fails and you won’t hire me as your amazing wedding photographer, you may employ me for my maiming skills (I spent some time in The Black Watch), to build you some robots (I used to do it for NASA and DARPA projects as a robotics engineer), to teach you bad words in foreign languages (I’m fluent in a few), or to teach you how to ski or snowboard (I used to be a downhill racer, and still teach occasionally if the snow season is good). Or I could always lay some hardwoods or tiles for you. Just get in touch  🙂

Thank you Hayley Fraser Photography, Maureen du Preez Photography, and Robert, for the awesome portraits.